Satellite phone

Satellite Phones

Iridium EXTREME 9575 with GPS RRP $1949

Iridium Satellite 9555 phone kit RRP $1649

Why Pivotel Satellite?

  • Standard Mobile Numbers - All Pivotel Satellite mobile phones numbers are configured with standard mobile numbers (e.g. 04XX XXX XXX) and we fully support mobile network portability (MNP)
  • Familiar dialling for outgoing calls within Australia*. You don't have to attach lengthy & expensive international codes before the number, simply dial the area code to connect.
  • Lowest satellite call rates in Australia*. its not only simple and familiar to make a call, its also similar to the rate when calling from a standard mobile phone with calls from a low 30 cents per 30 seconds*.
  • No charge to receive calls
  • Pivotel Satellite provides an optional GSM SIM card at no additional cost. This is a cost effective option for when you are in GSM range. The sim card has no monthly minimum spend or lock in contracts and with low 12cents per 30 sec call rates.

Why Iridium?

  • Full global coverage right across Australia and the immediate 200 nautical miles off the Australian coast. Outside of the primary Australian coverage zone your Pivotel Iridium or Globalstar service provides full global coverage at our international roaming call rates.
  • Lowest drop call rates in mobile satellite industry
  • Robust and reliable
  • Easy to use - familiar functions for simple operation
  • Truly functional mobile car kit available - for handsfree operation wherever you are
  • Water/ shock & dust resistant
  • Excellent in rough work conditions
  • Big buttons for simple use