About Us

Wilderness Safety Tasmania is a Tasmanian owned and operated business.

At Wilderness Safety Tasmania we share a love for the outdoors and the gear that goes with it- ok we confess to being slight gear freaks! Our love for the outdoors has taken us and our gear around the world, up mountains, across glaciers, along single track, down ropes and generally most things in between.

In our professional lives we’ve worked in guiding, the outdoor industry, communications, health and the emergency services - this has seen us at the pointy end when things go wrong in the wilderness.

It is a combination of our recreational and working lives that has led to us establishing Wilderness Safety Tasmania to provide quality, tested outdoor products that enhance both your enjoyment and safety in the great outdoors. Wilderness Safety Tasmania doesn’t just stop at sales, we pride ourselves on after sales support - we want you to have the same level of confidence with your new gear as we do with ours.